Find a Penny Pick it Up… All day long you’ll have good luck

4 Nov

This morning after a 6:30am wakeup and an hour walking with my friend S. we ended up at the Coffee Mill drinking our first cup of cawfee. I forgot how much I love hazelnut and Irish cream cawfee. The aroma brought me back to the good old days getting cawfee with my dad at 7-11. What a wonderful smell to get the day started….

The conversation veered towards a story which occured Thursday night on my way from one bar to then next via a taxi. One of the girls in the taxi found a NS 50 bill in the car and exclaimed that the next place we went out she’d buy us all shots with this money.

You know that if she bought us all a drink – it would be THAT drink that would make us feel ill or push us over from being tipsy to really really drunk.

It is just bad karma to use money found for your own personal gain.

This morning I came across this story from Newsday (my former local newspaper which I read daily just to keep up with the old hood) “Twenty Dollers turns into Millions for lucky West Hempstead Woman.” Ms. Torres found a $20 bill outside a 7-Eleven convenience store and used it to buy a lottery ticket. She won the lottery using money found on the floor.

She better watch her back. She not only used money that wasn’t hers, yes it was found and some people do consider it finders keepers loosers weepers, but WON!! I mean – c’mon now! This is not teaching the readers of article the good morale of the story. This is teaching us to use whatever we find to help us reach the next level.

I just hope Ms. Torres donates money each year to a charity in honor of the $20 that changed her life for the better.

Better yet.. she should go around once a year on the anniversary of winning the lottery and leave a $20 bill in the parking lots of 7-11 across Long Island…


One Response to “Find a Penny Pick it Up… All day long you’ll have good luck”

  1. PACHOOLA November 4, 2007 at 10:41 am #

    Life! Hope she does give out the money with good ENERGIES!!!

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