Blathering to and fro

15 Nov

(**Warning **this post is about me blathering on and on for the single purpose of expunging these rambling thoughts from my head.)

I have so much on my mind now a days. Some thoughts/feelings I only allow to come out in my dreams while during the day it rests within my subconscious. Let me just tell you that some of my dreams are scarier than reality. And I am waking up thinking that my dreams are real. Confusion between reality and the imaginary is starting to seep into my head. Hopes and dreams mixing with illusions and false truths are confusing me and making me doubt myself.



One Response to “Blathering to and fro”

  1. Ehav Ever December 2, 2007 at 4:39 am #

    I sometimes have the same kind of dreams where I wake up in shock because I thought my dream was real. I started keeping a diary of my dreams that I can remember when I wake up. Sometimes I don’t remember until something happens that reminds me. It is interesting when you look back at a dream you had years ago.

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