Users versus the Execs

21 Nov

Today I went to the Refresh 07 conference hosted by IDC in Tel Aviv. I was astounded by the vast separation between the users of technology and the executives of major technology corporations. I feel there is a huge sea separating the users and the execs.

I know that I am not necessarily the typical user of most internet technology. I love technology and the newest platforms available to me to get what I want and how I want it. Yet I believe a lot more internet users are becoming more like me.

The topic of one of the panel’s revolved around the different types of media users in the US market. The generation x, generation y and the baby boomer’s. Users of media veer towards media familiar to them whether it be those who watch TV, watch clips on youtube, download tv shows, etc.

Yes the younger generation is much more familiar with using the internet to find and enjoy media and not relying solely on the television providers to provide it to them.

But we now live in an internet world in which we, the users, participate in the content available on websites. We understand what we want and that we want it NOW. I am not willing to wait until my television provider offers the TV shows that interest me. I will go to multiply sites to stream the videos I want to see and I don’t care how long it takes to find the content.. but just that I am in control of watching what I want and how I want it.

I dont understand executives who believe that we the users are willing to pay for content that is free inside the US but not free elsewhere. I would rather stream video’s in segments then pay for a subscription to a site that allows me to view my US tv shows.

Now if you want to move your TV shows from TV onto the internet and have ads placed in similar spots as they do on TV – I am all for that. If the shows are both on TV and online – there is no way the major corporations are going to significantly monetize on the audience watching it only online like myself.

I will admit to watching TV shows on MTV and I do not mind the 1.5 minute commercials every 6 minutes. If that is the price I have to pay to watch my TV show online at the time I can watch it – so be it.

Advertising on mainstream media is declining and more dollars are being spent online. Users want quality media – not just youtube clips and if networks move their top shows online I bet viewers will follow them. This way the major networks will have a devout audience to try this experiment on. Granted it is a big risk but if they try it on tv shows that are part of the younger demographic (which are more comfortable watching media online) then they can change the patter of TV watching for the future.

Bottom line is that us users and viewers of media are at a war with the content executives. We want what we want how we want it while they the execs want to tell us how we can use it, view it and share it. If the large corporations want to continue to monetize their content – remember who your audience is and try to accommodate us.

Then we can all be happy.


One Response to “Users versus the Execs”

  1. Yosef November 22, 2007 at 11:56 am #

    My TV is background noise. If I want to watch a show, I download it and watch it when I WANT!

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