Ghetto Fab.u.lous

3 Dec

Winter Is Here

I live in Jerusalem… a city made out of Jerusalem stones and the buildings typically do not have insulation. Do you have any idea how cold an apartment, made out of stone, no insulation and about a foot of cement that separates the outside temperature and the inside temperature can be?

I certainly hope not. It is BLOODY COLD. It takes me a month after the winter is over to warm up.

For those of you who might be sniveling throughout the cold season-I have a few helpful tips that help keep you warm. And yes, a few of these suggestions might sound a bit “ghetto” but hey, if it works who cares?

1. Seal your windows – It keeps the draft out and the expensive heat inside. How do you do that? I went out and bought around a 1.5 meters of thick plastic. The kind of thick plastic sold by meter off a huge roll and typically used as a permanent plastic table cloth. I have a wood window frame and I used my stapler to fix the plastic over the whole window. Yay – no more draft on my face while I sleep.

2. Buy carpet, rug or floor mats– I went to Home Center and bought 2 carpet “runners” and placed them a bit under my bed at the side and foot of it. The runners are ugly but thick enough that when I get out of my bed I step onto a non-cold surface. Such a small but significant pleasure!! The best suggestion is to get wall to wall carpet (if you can afford it).

3. Invest in multiple duvets – Ironically enough I bought a spare duvet for company at the Mashbir and it happens to be a very very warm blanket. No longer a spare duvet – it is now part of my winter bed. If your really smart combine two duvets into ONE duvet cover. This way there is no slippage or falling off the bed.

4. Buy a hot water bottle– When it gets really really cold and you just cannot warm up – boil hot water and fill up the water bottle and place your feet on it. It will warm up your entire body. I love sleeping with it in the dead of the winter. Just make sure you seal the bottle totally so that the water does not leak out all over the bed and make you even colder than imaginable.

5. Invest in a radiator heater – i have a smaller one that I leave in my bedroom and turn on about an hour before bed. I keep the door shut so the warm and expensive heat does not escape from my room.

If you have any other suggestions on how to keep warm besides moving to Eilat, buying an apartment or lighting my non safe gas heater….please please share!


One Response to “Ghetto Fab.u.lous”

  1. GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD December 4, 2007 at 4:18 am #

    Hi, a great idea back in the Great Satan is to adopt two kittens (littermates preferably) They will keep the bed warm for sure!Great site!sincerely,CoURtNey

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