My First Israeli-Actor Sighting

13 Dec

So last night I met Julia Levy-Boeken, better known to my Israeli readers as Nicky Godar from Ha-Aloofa and even better known to my Anglo readers as Drama’s love interest Jacqueline in the last episode of Entourage.

It is not often that I recognize Israeli celebs and it is even rarer to meet an Israeli actor who has crossed over into main stream Hollywood. Now as a former NY’er I used to see celebs all the time and not bat an eyelash. Israeli celebs is way more exciting to me. First off – to be in Israel three plus years and to recognize Israeli celebs means that I am becoming an acculturated Israeli.

I sent a txt to Tafka PP, a good friend and another obsessive and loyal fan of Ha-Aloofa. She prompted me to walk over to Julia and say hi.

“Mazal Tov” I said to her.
“For what?” she replied.
“For making it in Hollywood and being cast on Entourage! It is not every day you have an Israeli actress on TV in the States. Plus I was a huge fan of Ha-Aloofa”.
“Really?” she replied with a laugh.

We chatted about Hollywood and why she came to this low keyed performance (her cousin Michael the Violinist was the performer of the evening). She asked me questions about my aliyah and why did I move from NY to Israel (and of course why Jerusalem)and I asked her questions about Adrian Greer and Hollywood.

How can I explain to her that everything I hold dear to me is here in Israel when the epicenter for her career is not only out of Israel but in the country I left behind?

She was sweet & bit stunned and very down to earth. It was quite enjoyable to meet an Israeli celeb and I cannot wait to see her on the next season of Entourage and hopefully many more main stream TV shows and movies.

And I could say – I met her when!


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