Being the Effect and Running from the Cause

16 Dec

“Rather than studying the laws of cause and effect, people spend their lives being the effect and running from the cause” – unknown

I spent a lovely shabbat with good friends in warmer Tel Aviv where the conversation of change in life took place.

Change is inevitable – but you can be prepared for it to happen or be upset when you pretend that you didnt know it was going to happen.

As an immigrant I am constantly being inundated with changes – culturally, linguistically, economically. I prepared myself for some of the changes- the changes that the former me would undergo once I arrived in Israel. I felt my absorption into my new home and country would be easier and a lot less bumps if I was aware beforehand what was going to happen to me once I arrive.

What I was not prepared for was the growth process to just….keep… on… going…..

When will it ever end? When we I ever stop evolving from a former New Yawkah and become a sabra?

Never. Period.

Unless your an immigrant you could never understand what it is like to move to a foreign country. It tests every aspect of who you are on a daily basis and you end up realizing so much more about what your made out of and the realization can be quite frightening. And even more so its mentally draining and emotionally exhausting.

Imagine living in a world where everyone you know comes from a different country and culture yet most speak English. By virtue of the fact that most my friends are native English speakers I assume wrongfully that they think and act just like me and I do this all the time. Assuming really does makes an ass out of you and me. Americans, British, Australians and even S. African’s are all influenced by their respective cultures and though we all speak English we do not all speak the same language.

Life here in Israel is way more fulfilling. I understand sociciology on a deeper personal level. I now understand what it was like for my grandparents and great-grandparents to move to a forgein country.

I now know I am ready to tackle even more that life has to throw my way and I will be conscious that both the smooth parts of the road as well as the bumps, make me a stronger and better woman in so many different ways.

But most of all – in ways that I can be proud of myself. Sometimes you just need an epiphany to realize just who you are and what you can tackle. Those moments of self discovery help me remove the shackles of fear from my spirit.


2 Responses to “Being the Effect and Running from the Cause”

  1. Jestu January 4, 2008 at 4:13 pm #

    Ahuvah, you’re writings are so inspiring.

  2. IsraLuv January 8, 2008 at 2:12 pm #

    Hey jestu.. Thanks! I love feedback from readers/ you write a blog or just read them? how did you find mine?

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