Jewish Reconnection Project

24 Dec

I recently came across a new website that engages in conversations between young adults in Israel and in the United States.

This site brings up serious topics like Israel vs. Diaspora, Intermarriage and Homeland.

It is always interesting to hear two sides of a conversation but even more so on such important issues for Jews nowadays. Jew all over the world need to realize that being Jewish is NOT a choice but how to express their Judaisms is a choice.

Just because you might not view yourself as a Jew does not mean the rest of the world agrees with you. Look back at WW2 – do you think most of the Jews that died in the gas chambers viewed themselves as Jews or rather as citizens of their respective countries?

I believe that every Jew needs to live in Israel but I also understand human nature. To give up what one is accustomed to and move across the world is no easy task- no one every said life was easy.

Sometimes it is easier to lie to oneself about who you are then to deal with your identity issues. But ignoring and lying to oneself just makes the steps we all have to take in life just that more difficult.

If you feel the need to stay in America to prove to everyone else who you are then do just that. But don’t stay there so you can blend into the melting pot and ignore your identity.

Be proud to be a Jew no matter where in the world you live and remember that you ARE a Jew. As a Jew you have responsibilities to your self and to the rest of your fellow Jews.


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