Chai Lifeline and the people they help

6 Jan

Below is a letter sent to Chai-Lifeline…..

Dear Naomi,

Please accept my deepest apologies for not having communicated any sooner. I can think of a myriad of excuses but none will suffice. So, I do offer a belated but sincere expression of very grateful thanks to CHAI LIFELINE for the absolutely extraordinary service they rendered while my wife, Randy and oldest daughter, Hayley, were at CHOP recently.
I was and remain in awe of the non-judgmental policy and all embracing nature that your organization represents.

It was a very difficult and trying time for us as a family while Hayley was hospitalized for what seemed an eternity; our sense of frustration, our feelings of exhaustion were eased considerably by the nutritious and deliciously prepared meals delivered in a timely and empathetic manner by your Center City volunteers. There were times, quite frankly, when we felt quite overwhelmed by the fullness of your generosity and I did admit to you, I believe, that more than once or twice I relieved the limited reserved space in the kitchen for children’s families care packages and took our’s home!!
The meals were invariably savored both at the hospital bed but also at the more private and familiar confines of our kitchen table!

Let me disclose a basic truth: as a Reform Rabbi, I always wondered about the true and genuine implications of that famous Talmudic dictum:
kol Yisrael arevim zeh b’zeh. So many of us, across Jewry’s denominational divide, refer to this teaching too loosely, too haphazardly, too matter-of-factly. At long last Naomi, I now understand the fullness of this wise and illustrious iyyun for I have experienced it, first hand, in a most unusual though blessed way. For that, above all else, I thank CHAI LIFELINE and all those associated with its great cause.

May you continue to merit the zechut, the high privilege of helping any and all Jews in their hour of need: of satisfying their material cravings but also enhancing their spiritual quest for shleimut, for wholeness and a reconciliation of body and soul. Your organization’s adventures in both food and faith are to be richly commended and complimented in every way!

On behalf of the entire family, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.
May we wish you continued success in all your worthy, noble, and sacred deliberations throughout 2008 and beyond,

In a spirit of profound gratitude and with heartfelt appreciation, Yours sincerely,


I am an avid supporter of Chai-Lifeline/Camp Simcha. This organization is dedicated to children with Cancer and other life threatening diseases. Each year Chai-Lifeline raises money through Team Lifeline, Team Lifeline is an endurance training program created to recruit runners and walkers to help raise money.

And last year my friend Zvi Tebish ran with Team Lifeline to raise money for a wonderful and unfortunately necessary cause.

Please sponsor Zvi J. Trebish .. go to this link and make sure to sponsor Zvi’s team.

The run takes place the last weekend in January.


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