Candles All Over the Aptartment

14 Jan

Ha ha fooled you!! My dear reader you thought this would be a post about romance. That is not the case tonight.

For the past two nights in a row my apartment, building and neighborhood have been cloaked in darkness for around five solid minutes.
The blackout last night scared the bejezus out of me. My new flatemate just moved in and the boxes were all over the kitchen. Luckily I had organized the contents of the dreaded under the sink cabinet to make room for some new stuff and knew exactly where the tea lights were.

And then again tonight during Nolad Lirkod (Born to Dance) the lights suddenly went dark.


I thought blackouts were only suppose to occur in the Summer time. I guess this country uses more electricity heating homes then cooling them down.

I was smart last night and left the tea lights where I lit them and tonight when the lights went out … I re-lit the apartment without falling over the boxes.


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