Update to the Freezing Cold Apartment with no Running Water

15 Jan

Yesterday I wrote a post about blackouts and using candles to light up the apartment. Little did I know that Jerusalem would get SO EFFING COLD that over 10,000 pipes in the city would BURST.

Thats right – burst. No water right now – why you ask? Here in Israel most of us have our boilers on the roof of the building. This is my first experience with frozen pipes and no water.

And Yes I paid the water bill (but I did check to make sure it was paid)

So the building manager also had a problem with her boiler and she went up onto the roof and told us when she came down hours later that our pipes had burst and that she was shutting off our water since it wouldn’t come into our pipes but flood the roof. She could have just manually shut off our boiler and that way we could have had cold water.

But Whatever.

So now I called a plumber (found and to be paid for by my landlord) and he cannot come until tomorrow afternoon.

If you see me in Tal Bagels – please excuse my, ahem, appearance. I will be there for their running water and bathroom and NOT the wifi.


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