Illusions of Financial Stability

27 Jan

Adulthood and reality has given me a new perspective on earning money and how much life costs. Every thing costs money – e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

Growing up I had this illusion that every adult (except for a select few) I knew were financially independent and able to support themselves.

My ideas of what I should and could have monetarily as an adult were based on this misconception. And this misconception is ignored by so many of my peers.

Looking around at classmates, friends, family – so many adults were financially helped or even supported by their parents. Tuition, cars, down payments on houses, vacations and the list goes on.

This blog post is not about whether it is right or wrong for a parent to support their child/ren for any of the variety of reasons. Nor is this post about parents treating their children to extravagant gifts.

This post is about the misconception of what is financially achievable and realistic regardless of what country you live in for us young adults. This post is about understanding that is reality versus perception of reality.

How many of us compare ourselves and our lifestyles to the ones in which we grew up with? How many of us wanted to become the adults that we saw growing up?

More importantly – how many of us think we should have reached a level of financial stability and success by this point in our lives?

I know that at my age I need to work hard – very hard in order to play hard. If I want to achieve monetary stability in my life I need to work at it and not assume my parents will help me or even support me in the lifestyle I grew accustomed to.

I love the idea that what I own is due to hard work. I love the fact that I don’t have credit card debt because I chose not to live above my means (but I did get into credit card debt when I was younger).

And I am very aware that growing up there were these illusions of adult financial stability and they were just that – illusions. Now that I am aware of these illusions I don’t feel like I am “behind” on where I thought I should be.

Yes I want to own a home, furnish it and own a car and be able to afford it all. But I am more aware now then ever that even those I once thought paid for their lives never fully supported themselves.

Is it wrong? Who is to say – I definitely cannot say anything. I don’t have children yet, I dont have to pay for yeshiva tuition, I dont have to furnish a house, I dont have to cook and dress a family.

But all I do know now is that I can look around and feel like I am on my way… and I am not as far behind as I once thought.


One Response to “Illusions of Financial Stability”

  1. RaggedyMom January 28, 2008 at 8:18 pm #

    I would imagine that you, and the chevrah you have in Israel, are a lot more independent, emotionally and financially, than those of us who are still here. I can’t think of very many exceptions (there’s us, but we’ll probably be in our apartment forever! though I do love it, and there’s even a bit of guest space).So kol hakavod!

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