Sharing Secrets .. from Across the Globe

18 Feb

For those of you who have been reading this blog a long time – you know that I am a huge fan of PostSecret

I love how the world is so huge yet we are all connecting to one another through the internet but also through snail mail (gasp)!

I don’t remember how long ago it was that I first started seeing PostSecret postcards filling up the flyer boxes and the first place I noticed was in O’Connoll’s (a local Irish pub in Jerusalem). I remember being shocked, surprised and a bit confused about the postcards. Why would PostSecret publish and distribute their own postcards and not wait for the postcard creator to mail in a personalized postcard? I shared with British Yosef, another addicted Sunday reader of that I had seen the postcards and was dumbfounded that they were floating around Israel.

Then I understood- someone in Israel found out about PostSecret and wanted to turn it viral and international.

Snail mail is dying but when it comes to connecting strangers through their secrets, snail mail has yet to become obsolete.

There is also a subculture to those that want to share their secrets but who dont want to mail it in… they have been creating postcards and placing them inside the books.

I think it’s time in Israel for those of us who see the PostSecret postcards to fill them out and mix them back into the pile of postcards on the wall.

This postcard was in this past Sunday’s batch of posted secrets (and is one of the postcards that can be found on the wall in the bathrooms)

The writing is upside down (and hard to read) but loosely translated is says:

after we broke up you asked that I stop writing to you, I write to you to anyone who is willing to listen, I still love you with all my being

Sharing your secrets anonymously will help release the pain/shame/anger/love into the world and stop it from resting solely on you.

Thanks to Shelly (who translated this for me)

and here is my original post on the first postcard in Hebrew on PostSecret’s site which discusses peace in Israel.


One Response to “Sharing Secrets .. from Across the Globe”

  1. shoshanat ha'amakim February 19, 2008 at 9:33 am #

    my sister sent this to me and I went through the effort of dl and rotating it.. אחרי שנפרדנו ביקשת שאפסיק לכתוב לךאני כותב עליך לכל מי שמוכן להקשיבאני עדיין אוהב אותך כולי(loosely translated)after we broke up you asked that I stop writing to youa write to you to anyone who is willing to listenI still love you with all my being

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