Innovation by Necessity

1 Mar

I am strong believer in technology – and that modern day Zionism is all about building up new companies and creating a stable and self sustainable Israeli economy.

Over Shabbat I read a book suggested to me by my father called “Spies, Inc; Business Innovation from Israel’s Masters of Espionage” by Stacy Perman.

The book goes into the historical time line for the development of technology units within the Israeli Defense Forces which then breed and mold top young minds into becoming out of the box thinkers and solution solvers. These minds do not stop thinking after their service is over but actually go on to establish incredibly successful companies. These companies are establishing jobs here in Israel and enabling more Israeli’s to find jobs.

I have come across a number of entrepreneurs who have graduated elite units like Talpiyot, 8200 and former air force pilots. Until this weekend I superficially understood their credentials but now hold them in even a higher esteem.

These individuals are taught to think beyond the visible problems and to think of any/all types of problems that over time will occur and to find a solution NOW before the situation actually occurs.

It is hard to imagine “the system” promoting out of the box thinking – especially in an army setting.

These units even more special – out of the box thinking w/in very rigid settings.

It shouldnt be so surprising to the outside world that Israel breeds a different type of Entrepreneur – one that understands the fight for survival. Israeli entrepreneurs are more aggressive than the rest and do not take no for an answer. That what the army taught them to do- take no prisioners.


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