Bob Villa… eat your Heart out!

3 Apr

For the longest time (and we are talking years people!) I have wanted to add “feet” to my bed. I bought a box spring and mattress when I moved to Israel almost 4 years ago and since then I wanted to raise the damn thing off the floor.

Fast forward four years later, one trip to the hardware store and three weeks later with the help of my new flatmate Deb… voila !! Feet are now securely attached to the box spring.

And then we took apart the first piece of furniture I ever built (a large desk), made a temporary mantle over the unused gas heater and hung up a large painting on the wall.

How do you like them apples Bob Villa?

And then I came across two sites the day after we pretended to be Bob Villa and I wished I had know about them years earlier.

The first is Ikea Hacker, a site devoted to improving IKEA furniture. I never thought about modifying brand new furniture but am starting to think about it…

The second site is Unplggd a site that reminds me of the father from Cheaper by the Dozen -all about how to make everything in your apartment more organized/efficient (and in a fun/cool manner)

As I’ve said to Liz before, I HEART the internet. When I was younger I thought that I had been born into the wrong time period but now I realized I was born into the PERFECT time period – the wild crazy world of the internet, web2.0 and more importantly – social networking.


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