Work, life and commitment – a repost

22 Apr

My fellow blogger and friend Charlie wrote an execelent blog post called “On Commitment“.

He wrote “I’m not shutting myself in a hole to launch this business–if nothing else because its these people and these activities that gave me the support, insight, and inspiration to start this business in the first place. If nothing else, particularly for a user-centric web service, if you start severing your human connections, you’re going to quickly lose the ability to create user value.” (see the rest of his blog post here )

Life is not only about our work and our outside (work) life should be a source of fulfillment, insipration and to be enjoyed.

His post reminded me how life is suppose to be used to its fullest potential and that does not only refelct my work life. I have other parts to me that make me ME. To negelect the other parts and solely focus on work means that I am living a fraction of what I consider my life.

Thank you Charlie for writing such an eloquent post on such a personal level. Most of us needed a reminder once in a while on the true meaning of balancing out life and work and your post reminded me just how much I need to make sure I keep my work life and personal life balanced.


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