Running into friends

13 May

How many people end up running into friends/colleagues/family in a foreign country or in a random city?

Somehow I end up running into random people more often than not. I am blessed with my Bubby Leah’s genes of being able to place a familiar face almost instantaneously and with my ever growing network of friends/family/acquaintances/colleagues there are a lot of faces to “place”.

Friends joke about the large number of people that I know or just random people that I recognize from somewhere and I can sometimes freak my friends out when I tell them how I recognize the passing person.

I had a few stories of running into random friends and business colleagues in New York and here is one of the more random stories.

Before Passover I went to Brooklyn to pick up my Zaidy Chaim and bring him back to Long Island where the family was spending the holiday. The Belt Parkway was a mess at 12pm on a Friday afternoon (traffic started at the Van Wyk and it didnt end when I got off at Ocean Parkway) due to traffic and a car accident. There was construction going but I couldnt understand why a highway known for its constant and annoying traffic had CONSTRUCTION going on in the middle of the day? Typically construction on the Belt takes place after 10pm when there is a whole lot less traffic. Whoever is responsible for scheduling construction on the Belt during the day should be taken outside and shot. URGH.

But as I was sitting alone blasting my music going Westbound on the Belt I thought to myself “hey -maybe I should look around.. check out who is in the car next to me since we’re not going anywhere” and I look over to the left and the person I see first is non other than a friend from Israel going Eastbound on the Belt.


I sent him a message on Facebook since I didn’t have his American mobile and joked about traffic going West on the Belt was a bitch but going Eastbound was even worse. I got a message back from him laughing about how I saw him on the Belt and that it took him over 3 HOURS to go from Flatbush to JFK and back (it is no more than 25 minutes at the most per direction w/o traffic)

The world is a tiny place sometimes…


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