Sighting… Jon Voight in Machane Yehuda

17 May

This Friday I braved the crowds and decided to shop in Machane Yehuda (the outside market in Jerusalem). As I was standing next to the famous Marzipan store Jon Voight passed by me. In a split second I said “Hi” – then proceeded to take off of my sunglasses to make sure I saw what my brain said to me was “Jon Voight- Angelina Jolie’s father” and continued with “Your Jon Voight

He stopped and said “yes?”

and all I could utter was “Enjoy Machane Yehuda”

Oh my gosh. I am a dork.

You would never believe I was a NY’er at that moment. We NY’ers have this unspoken rule that when you see a famous person you acknowledge it in your head but never out loud.

I guess I’ve been living in Jerusalem too long and am no longer a NY’er. Or maybe seeing an American celebrity in the Holy land was just a bit weird and out of context that I had to acknowledge him.

Who knows what it was. But at least my NY sensibilities stayed with me and I didn’t ask him to pose in a picture with me cause that would’ve been really really weird.

Jon Voight
in the holy land… hahaha. Next time bring your daughter with you 🙂


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