Starting Salaries but New York City Tastes

25 May

I just came across a New York Time’s Article called Starting Salaries but New York City Tastes. This article holds so much truth to the way so many young adults live their lives all over the world – from paycheck to paycheck.

Part of the hardship of moving to Israel is the full understanding (or even a lack of understanding) on the local job market and pay scale. Finding employment in your field is not always so simple.

This article, which describes young adults in NYC rings true to me even though I am not living in NYC…. actually I live in Jerusalem, Israel.

Our generation is the generation fortunate enough to constantly have an influx of new gadgets and technology, a culture revolving around celebrities and their designer clothing/accessories. A culture of going out to nice restaurants or grabbing a drink as a not only a weekly occurrence but a daily one as well? A generation of “I want therefore I shall have it”. A generation spending more money than they take in.

How many of us are guilty of going shopping on a whim but not being able to afford it? How many of us are not paying entirely for our own living expenses or even travel expenses back “home”? How many of us have maybe a month’s salary in the back account? How many of us have called our parents/siblings/friends for financial assistance “just for a short time”?

Does my generation have any concept on saving money? Do we have any idea that if we want something we should be saving for it?

A life filled with instant gratification will lead you down a very dangerous road.

I decided a while back to curb my spending. I am an instant gratification junkie. What I want, I want it NOW and the long term goals can go to hell. But I decided that I could no longer live a life of instant gratification because I do have long term goals and they too are important.

I fight my inner “i want i want i want i want” voice and remind myself that I too “want” other things. Financial security now and as a retired person is important and keeping an eye on that goal is crucial to fighting the inner voice. I want to work hard and earn a dinner’s out with friends or a new pair of shoes.

No more thinking “Magiyah Li” (roughly translates into “I deserve it”)


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