Two Steps Forward and One Step Backwards

1 Jun

Today I finally understood what the phrase “Two steps forward one step backwards” means.

I have used “tripping up” as my excuse for “giving up”. Not anymore. Life is a growth process – one which we take steps forward and sometimes even backwards. I will eventually reach my goal as long as the goal stays a priority. Mentally focusing on the goal is key but it is unreasonable to believe that just because you have mentally decided to accomplish the goal that it will be smooth and fast sailing.

My point is that moving in the right direction even if a misstep occurs IS succeeding if you learn from and failure only occurs when one decides to give up the goal instead of figuring another way to get there.

Making mistakes does not equal failure. Giving up a desired goal due to unreasonable pressure from oneself is failure.

“Do not go gently into that good night, rage rage against the dying of the light” (dylan thomas)

Two steps forward one step backwards.


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