At times a Social Butterfly.. other times in a Cocoon

10 Jun

I have always loved social networking (in real life) – getting to know new people, find their “sweet” spots, match them up with like-minded people, jobs, etc. Part of the reason I love to move is that I love meeting new people. My friends laugh at me that I know the world which I dont -though six degrees of separation connect us all to every single person.

My job requires a lot of networking – meeting and greeting strangers to find deal flow for the American investors we work with. After a day of networking or even a week full of meetings all I want to do is spend quality time with my friends.

I no longer enjoy a night out seeing everyone and their mothers. I want one on one time with my friends. I want, no I CRAVE intimacy with my friends. I devote so much of my life talking “shop” that at the end of the day – that is not what I want to talk to my friends about. Whether I feel they do not understand my job or I need a break from it – I need down time really “connecting” to my friends.

Facebook, twitter and the rest of the net allow me to connect but again – i still CRAVE deeper connections to my close friends. I don’t want to go to a bar and see every one there. I dont want to go out to dinner mid-week with a friend who invites n a friend of a friend.

But I also don’t want to alienate my friends because I want to spend more 1 on 1 time then in a group setting.


A Social Butterfly for work … but in a cocoon with my friends


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