Summertime and Shabbat Picnics

21 Jun

I had a lovely Shabbat spent with friends in Jerusalem. I cannot remember the last time I was home and ate both Friday night and Saturday afternoon out by friends houses.

A bunch of us met at Gan Pa’amon (Liberty Bell Park) which is right off Keren Hayesod and right before Emek Refaim begins.

As we were wandering out of the park I shared my first memory of the Liberty Bell Park. My first visit to Israel (which changed me forever) was at the age of 12. My grandparents rented an apartment in Old Katamon every year and spent a good 3 months here visiting their other daughter and her family.

One night we passed by the Liberty Bell Park on the 15 bus (which is now 13’s bus route) and noticed that there was this massive book fair going on on the grounds. We got off the bus and meandered around the fair. I remember walking around and quickly glancing at the book covers and then quickly looking away. Why you ask? Who knew that a book fair in Israel had books only in Hebrew?! The gall! The nerve! I got bored quickly and we left soon after.

I love how I have memories of this beautiful country from so many years ago and they are now intertwined with my new memories.

Here are some pictures I took of the park on my home from work in the Spring of 2006

See the rest of the pictures here


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