Shabbat Cake

4 Jul

Friday in Israel is like a Sunday, a day off of work. Typically I spend the day lounging around, meeting up with friends, running errands and cooking/baking.

I dont know about you folks but I love to bake except I cannot bake from scratch. I don’t know why but I just cannot back from a recipe. Every time the cake falls, tastes weird and other embarrassing results.

My solution:

Dunkin Hines Cake Mix and add to the mix to make it my own.

My additions:

1. Adding in vanilla, ground nutmeg or cloves to the white cake mix to give it a different taste.

2. I like eating layered cake so my solution is to let the cake cool down and once it is totally cool I use a long piece of Unflavored dental floss and slice it through the entire cake. Then I take the top part and place it elsewhere and spread an icing in the middle and then CAREFULLY i place the top of the cake back on and Ice the top of the cake (and sides if your feeling adventurous).

3. Turing a boring cake into an alcoholic one. I let the cake sit and semi- cool and then I drizzle liquor all over it and it seeps down into the cake and gives the eater an unexpected gift. I use a liquor that is similar in taste to the cake mix. Ammeratto, chocolate, brandy and even vodka are great additions.

4.Icing. I love icing and there are many different kinds of icing you can make. I make alcoholic icing, sugar icing, berry jam icing and more. I like to look online for easy 1 2 3 recipes.

5.Alcoholic Icing: To make an alcoholic icing you need one teaspoon of any flavored liquor (I prefer brandy, amaretto or chocolate liquor) and mix it a bowl with four packets of confectionery sugar. The icing is going to look like a glaze. and you spread it over the top of the cake and let it sit in the fridge to harden.

6.Sugar Icing:
One whole stick of margarine at room temperature (a bit soft)and 3 cups of confectionery sugar, a drizzle of lemon juice and 1/3 of Rich’s parve cream. Mix until smooth and spread on the cake

7.Jelly Icing:
One small jar of any tpye of Jelly (I prefer berry jam’s) at room temperature and I like to use it in the middle layer of the cake. Sometimes I even keep a bit of the jam on the site and mix it into the Sugar Icing and spread on the top of the cake.

Preparation time for a Shabbat Cake takes 5 minutes, Preparation time for icing takes 5 minutes and hours of pleasure eating Shabbat Cake.

Shabbat Shalom!

Dream Cake


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