Karma and Ovens

9 Jul

I believe that if you do good to others then good will come back to you at some point in the future.

I wanted to elaborate on my personal karma story and it involves ovens. (yes the kind you use to cook inedible food and make it edible).

Three years ago I moved into my own apartment and I had to furnish the apartment including some of the electrical items. I decided that since I wanted to furnish the apartment with some really good pieces of furniture other items would have to be used. I went to a used furniture and appliance store in the ultra orthodox neighborhood of Meah Shearim to find an oven and washing machine.

I ended up buying both items in one store and when it was delievered I realized that I didnt want to cook in my apartment. The landlords had just re-done the kitchen but it was done cheaply and the gas pipe (which was rubber not copper connected the oven to the gas switch and it trailed under the new counters and sink. I felt that the gas tube must have been punctured and didnt want to risk blowing myself up due to a gas leak.

Fast forward a month later when a friend reached out to see if I knew anyone who might have a spare oven. He was/is a chef and the kitchen wasnt large enough to install his oven and he needed an oven. I figured that there was no reason not to lend him my oven until I needed it back. It was just collecting dust in my apartment and he was a chef who would undoubtedly cook food for me if he had an oven.

I made him promise that if/when I wanted the oven back I would get it (and he would deliver it to me) since he was just loaning my oven for the “time being”.

A few months later my friend the chef and his roommates all had to move out of their apartment quickly and it was right before my friends was going to the States for a two month visit. My oven got left behind at the old apartment in the whole big mess and I was not a happy camper.

I shared w/ my friend the chef that it was not his to leave behind and that he owed me an oven. He had one but it wasnt in Jerusalem and he was unable to bring it to me. I decided that maybe it was best just to have the oven donated to a charity than deal with the logistics of hiring someone to bring an oven to my new apartment which came with an oven/fridge.

Fast forward to June 2008.
In Israel the gas company once in a while (and i have no idea how frequently they do this) come to check on the gas in an apartment. Lucky for me the old oven owned by the landlords was leaking gas and according to law my gas had to be turned off until the oven was fixed or I replaced it. I had no desire to buy a brand new oven (I am moving hopefully in September and do not want to buy more things to move). The day before this entire gas being shut off saga began my friend Talia shared with me that she was getting a new oven and that she wanted to get rid of the old one – anyone need it. Now when she offered it I still had gas but a day later I messaged her on Twitter and asked her if she still had the oven. Lucky for me she did but I had to figure out a way to transport the oven from a community near Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Crap. Hiring a mover would cost a lot of money to transport it and I didnt think my friend’s had a car big enough to fit it into.

Somehow my roommate from heaven found two friends who were willing to pick it up and drop it off by us. The time my friends w/ the extra oven was able to be home was the exact time my roommate’s friends were able to pick up the oven.

I came home from a very long day at the TWS2008 conference and low and behold in front of my third floor walk-up apartment was an oven just sitting there.


The gas got turned on the next morning, I cleaned and kashered the oven and then I cooked myself some yummy food using my Karma-oven


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