Using Technology to tell you I am ok

22 Jul

Another terrorist bulldozer attach near my neighborhood and it means I need to change my status on Facebook, MSN Messenger, Gtalk and twitter to let everyone know I am ok.

It makes life a bit easier to share the news via the web and lucky for me most of the people I know use one of the many different services listed above.

Changing my status online doesnt stop the influx of “are you ok” phone calls but it definitely helps me share the news with those who don’t live in Jerusalem or even in this region with my status.

My parents are still in New York and since we are 7 hours ahead I have to notify them before they even awake that I am ok.

Right now I am updating the twitterverse with whats going.

Looking forward to the day my status online no longer needs to be updated to tell people that I am ok


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