Changing my behavior plants a Smile on my Face

12 Aug

Today I had to go to the bank to transfer money from $$ to NS . I hate having multiple banking accounts and balancing money in the different accounts and prefer moving it into my Israeli account. I know I am loosing money and paying fees for the transfer, etc but the peace of mind is worth the price.

Normally I feel nauseous on my way to the bank (it is just a gut reaction to having to deal with the Israeli banking system) but today it was different. I caught the bus with my amazing roomie and her co-workers and we laughed the whole bus ride. I hereby apologize to bus #4 for the loud laughter around 8:30am.

I arrived at the bank and in Israel you need to get a number to know who’s turn it is. Lucky for me the machine wasnt working and I walked over to the desk next to the machine and told the woman sitting at the desk that the machine was not working. The employee just stared at me with a blank stare and shrugged her shoulder (so typical). I repeated myself again while looking directly at her and then she called over the cubicle wall and repeated the problem as if to pass along this problem since it “wasnt her problem”. Then that employee called over her cubicle wall to the next person and a man got up and reset the machine. Wow that was difficult.

Dude- if you work at the bank you MUST know who is responsible for reseting the machine (especially if your closest person to the machine).

The number the machine spat out was 135. WHAAAAA? The person before me was 27 and the electric sign on the wall was only up to number 17. Those who came after me grabbed their number slips, looked up at the wall then looked back at the paper in their hands in confusion. Panic ensued and the bank then moved the number on the wall to 134 and the machine had to READ OUT LOUD “Counter number 3 is taking x number” and it then proceeded to go repeat that sentence from 17 till 134. I thought I was going to RIP MY EARS OFF. Truly an annoying voice repeating over and over for a solid 10 minutes. (if you ever need a torture device just borrow that machine and play it for an hour in a closed room. it will do the trick).

My turn came and an old Russian couple decides it is their turn. But I am no fraier (Israeli world for idiot) and I tell them it is my turn and they look at me and say – we only speak Russian and we need this attendant. Sorry but then you’ll just have to wait your turn for her.

She shows me the bank balance and I had wayyyy more in my account than expected. I have become very very VERY frugal the past few months. No more crazy eating out or swinging by Selina’s for a glass of wine with friends. I have cut back the eating out and the social drinking and it has made a tremendous difference.

My friends complain about their lack of funds all the time and as someone who hates monitoring her spending I feel their pain. Yet it feels SO MUCH BETTER to have money saved in the bank instead of blowing it on meaningless stuff.

Long term needs are surpassing my short term needs. I see growth! I see a positive change in my behavior and I am receiving positive results. GO ME!


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