Finally Arrived

20 Oct

I swore to myself and to everyone around me that I would never live in Jerusalem and move straight to Tel Aviv upon my arrival in Israel. But in the end family and luck landed me in Jerusalem but life brought me to Tel Aviv all the time. I have probably spent a third of my time in Tel Aviv while living in Jerusalem.

Moving here feels like coming to back to a very familiar yet hazy place. I was very familiar with the layout of the city before moving here but lacked the knowledge for the day to day stuff. I have yet to find my doctors here…good cleaners…a good cawfee shop near my house (excluding the chain stores), etc.

I am slowly learning and asking friends for suggestions. It is a very strange senstation to feel at home in a city but at the same time lacking the basics.

I am truly going to enjoy exploring this city as a resident of it and not just as a “visitor”.

Hopefully heading towards Shuk Hapishpushim on Friday and will take lots of pictures.


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