Venting about going AWOL

20 Oct

I am in such a pissy mood after a friend of mine who went AWOL for almost three weeks resurfaced and called me. He and I are good friends and has never going AWOL on me. It started the day he was suppose to come over to see the new apartment in Tel Aviv (he lives in Jerusalem) and never called nor showed up. Emails, text messages, Facebook messages, IM all went unanswered. He answered the phone twice and said “I will call you back” and then never did.

Listen- I understand going AWOL and the need for space from specific friends or even all friends but just let your friends know that your going “underground” and will reach out when you re-surface. I respect a person’s decision to not be in touch but when its a very close friend going AWOL – I get very worried and I worry based upon my intimate knowledge of that friend.

In this day and age of technology there are various ways of communicating to your friends that you are unavailable but that your okay. How long does it take to write an email, change a status on a social networking site, send an SMS or IM? I dont need a phone call or a face to face meeting tell me your going AWOL for a while – just a little note so I dont worry that something horrific happened to you.

And if by chance you just wanted to distance yourself from me (which anyone is entitled to do) then let me know your ok. But it is bullcrap when your intouch with other friends but chose to ignore those that that send you “are you ok.. i am worried” types of messages.

Urgh. feel the need to throw things at the wall.

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