Laughing at Lemon Krembo’s

8 Dec

This past Saturday night I went to see a comedy show at the ZOA House here in Tel Aviv. The Koby Mandell Foundation hosted a comedy night with 4 American comics performing for around 200 people who just wanted to laugh.

And laugh we did.

Oh my lord I forgot how much I love stand up comedy. I spent the entire time laughing and even part of the time crying from laughter. I would say the best line of the night came from Modi (who’s parents are Israeli so he definitely understands Israeli culture) when he turned to a woman seated in the front row dressed from head to toe in yellow with a turban as well as said “Here we have the Lemon Krembo“.

Avi Liberman brought his fellow comedians Michael Loftus, Modi and Chris Spencer to Israel to perform in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ra’anana and to raise money for the Koby Mandall Foundation.

Koby would have loved these performers.

I’d go once a month regardless of the cause just to laugh the way I did this past Saturday night…


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