Israeli Twitter Meetup

25 Dec

Last night was the first Twitter Meetup here in Israel. Dvir Reznik decided to organize a night out for the Israeli twitter users. Twitter is not about socializing online but taking the conversation off line.

Those of us who work online understand the need to merge the online and offline worlds – it isnt healthy just to “live online”. Twitter is my water cooler – a place to interact with other humans over the course of my day and to engage in conversation. But I want to meet face to face those folks that I chat with online in person.. and get to know them in more than 140 characters at a time.

Last night was lots of fun… it was a shame that not all of the israeli twitter world showed up but hey.. you cant expect everyone to show up. Especially when it is pouring outside.

It was great meeting our host
@dvirreznik, @israelblechman, @ezrabutler, @naor,
@shiraabel, @didic, @zzzrbyte , @danpeguine, @ohsoarty, @nivcalderon , @blonde20 and our guest of honor from Miami @alexdc

@ezrabutler and me


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