War with Hamas and the Noisy online War

4 Jan

It was only two years ago that we waged a war with Hezbollah up in Lebanon. I spent my days online waiting for news reports on what was happening in the battlefields. This time around the online world is abuzz with more frequent (but at times speculative) information on the ongoing fighting.

There is a lot of online “noise” and at times hard to figure out where to look, howoften to check the pages,etc. If your a fan of RSS feeds I suggest you modify your current RSS reader and use that to keep track of new online information.

Twitter has become a new source for information on the War with Hamas. For those of you who do not use twitter (and do not plan on using it) check out the twitter search tool www.search.twitter.com and search for Gaza, Israel or Hamas and you will see a lot of tweets (messages) about the subject. Some of those tweets will have new information not yet up on the news wires.

Check out Help Us Win, a blog on how to win the online war with Israel’s image and stay informed of the current War on Hamas.

Check out the IDF Spokesperson’s office blog to get inside information and pictures to the War on Hamas.

Check out the IDF’s YouTube channel to see footage of the IDF bombing targeted Hamas locations in Gaza. Sometimes reading words on a page is not the same as seeing visual pictures of what is going on.

Boston.com has some very vivid pictures from both sides of the war.. if you can handle war photos click on the link here

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