I go out where the celebs are … lucky me.

21 Jan

But not on purpose.

This past Monday evening I went to Migdalor, the bar where my friend Marc was throwing his weekly party. As I walked up to the front door with a friend a man came up behind us and two guys I assumed were just chilling whipped out their cameras and started taking photographs.

umm whaa?

I guess the guy was a celebrity (my friend recognized him but me – i had no clue who he was)

We entered the party which was taking place on the 16th floor with gorgeous panoramic views of Tel Aviv. I noticed that half the bar was closed off except for one entrance with large bouncers standing by roped entrance.

I am quite familiar w/ roped off sections of clubs (except in NYC i was on the other side of those ropes most of the times). Israeli celebrities do not interest me all that much. Well then, American celebrities dont interest me either. I’d rather spend the night with my good friends then try to catch the attention of a celebrity.

We had fun dancing and begging the (old) DJ to play hip hop and the one song we really wanted to hear, single ladies, he never heard of. sighhhhhhh. i am going to learn how to spin and then take over the club scene here. maybe.

It was time to go and as we waited for one more friend to exit the bar out comes a ridiculously drunk Boaz Ma’ud. Boaz is the winner of Israel’s version of American Idol and he represented Israel at the Eurovision contest last year. I absolutely adore his voice and thought he was cute (but not anymore – he is tiny!). He was beyond drunk so I guess the celebrity party was a success.


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