25 Random Facts About Me

3 Feb

I was tagged on Facebook and decided to re-post my list here so that YOU my readers can get to know me better 🙂

25 Random Facts about me

1. i dreamed of one day being on Broadway… well actually i wanted to create the scenery for Broadway shows.

2. i never wanted a career. ever.

3. my first real vacation took place when i was 27 years old (and I went to Ibiza – not bad for a first vacation)

4. i am a total klutz and i typically break electronic goods w/in 6 months of making the purchase. i love warranties

5. i am first generation American on my father’s side.

6. Juno was my first email account..such a long time ago

7. i hate all black licorice foods, drinks, etc. uch

8, i cannot do a handstand for the life of me

9 i used to figure skate.. and i still smell the ice when i drift off to bed

10. i became a lifeguard at 15 upon the insistence of my mother (she always said lifeguarding was the best and most lucrative summer job and she was right)

11. i was a certified EMT in israel for Magen David Adom (60 hour certified, 88 hour certified and multiple casualty certified EMT) but my certification expired and i keep thinking about renewing it and volunteering again.

12. i have a ridiculous sweet tooth. chocolate, ice cream, cake, cookies – nom nom nom nom

13. i did not grow up having a very strong long island accent but it all changed when i started college and was surrounded by other long islanders mostly from Italian families.

14. i love to cook and can cook well but I always burn the rice. always.

15. I have ADD but was only diagnosed at age 27

16. I went to university to become an Interpreter for the Deaf (capital D folks – its important) and i love American Sign Language. If you see my hands moving its probably b/c i am saying something with them.
ooh and i love to fingerspell

17. I was engaged at 21 but luckily for both of us we decided not to go through with the marriage. It taught me a lot about myself and more importantly what I wanted out of life.

18. I knew the first time I stepped off the plane in Ben Gurion Airport at age 12 that I was “home” and would live here.

19. I used to be the messiest person in the world.. but it all changed recently and now i am a neat freak.

20. I listened to Mary J Blige’s “No More Drama” every day for all of 2002

21. I am a lefty but I play sports as a righty.

22. Growing up we used to follow firetrucks and I love watching firemen put out fires. I miss American firetrucks – just not the same here. and I love walking around wearing my friend Doug’s FDNY sweatshirts – ppl stare and cant figure out if its mine or ….

23. I flunked Sequential I math (freshman math) and went to summer school (and did exceptionally well in summer school- go figure)

24. I love to drive and I drive like an aggressive man.

25. I get teary eyed at every single wedding I attend.


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