Keeping up with the Nephews and Niece

17 Mar

I am not sure how many of readers of Sabra at Heart know that I have two gorgeous nephews and one niece (thank G-d). Yeah my nickname is “Dodah Foofie” which originated from “Dodah Hoovie” (Dodah is aunt in hebrew and hoovie is the nickname i grew up with). The oldest nephew couldnt pronouce Hoovie and it morphed into Foofie. Yes I know it sounds like a white poodle’s name but I cherish being called “Dodah Foofie”.

Now I am the luckiest member of my family – my sister lives here in Israel with her family and I can visit and spend quality time whenever I want. But there are precious moments that even the local Dodah Foofie misses out and here is where technology comes into the game.

For the past few years I was using Kodak Gallery to send photo albums to the family members back in America who couldnt see the grandchildren/nephews/niece. While the constant photos helped keep up with feeling closer to the kiddies it wasnt enough.

My youngest sister (another tech savvy person in the family) came across Shutterfly – a website that allows multiple users to upload pictures and blog posts and notifies all the members when the site has been update. Oh and yeah – you must be invited to the “personal blog” and log on every time.

Shutterfly makes updating and adding to it almost idiot proof. The layout is friendly for the most non-tech savvy person who uses the web.

Now this site wouldnt be as good if it werent for my sister, the mother of my gorgeous nephews and niece. She constantly shares stories of the kids and allows us to feel like we were “right there” when the stories take place. I can picture my nephews and niece interacting with my sister or their siblings and it brings the pictures to life.

Shutterfly and most importantly my sister helps close the distance for those of us who cannot be in her house 24/7 but shares with us whats really going on in her family’s life.

just another reason i ❤ technology

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