Yom Hazikaron and the Six degrees of Separation

27 Apr

Tonight I walked down the block to the tekes (ceremony) at Kikar Rabin for Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day for fallen Soldiers of Israel)

Looking around at the large audience, I realized that one day I am going to look back to this moment and say “I wish I was still here”

Moving to Israel I prepared myself as best I could that over time I would lose friends and family protecting Israel. As much as one can prepare there is nothing like learning of someone you knew dying in the line of fire.

Right now I am separated by multiple degrees of separation to this experience. I have not lost anyone in the Israeli Defense Force. I do however have plenty of friends and family that have.

For me this day reminds me that one day … one day Yom HaZikaron will hit a lot closer to home than it does now.

But I hope that my current experience on Yom HaZikaron continues for years and years. That it stays foreign to me.


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