taptap " Is This Thing On? "

1 Jun

I have been very frustrated lately with the discussion of twitter here in Israel. It is quite frustrating to read articles or hear about a tv segment discussing twitter by those who are non-users who really do not get the power of twitter and like to dismiss it b/c they don’t get it.

I swear if I hear one more person describe twitter to non-twitter users as “you know you have your facebook status update..well its kinda like that” i am going to *hit them hard* in the nose.

It is time for the Israeli business community to take a look at Twitter as a very serious tool that will enhance their corporate brand and strengthen their marketing efforts. I know it is hard for companies to really be able to distinguish between those that say they can deliver results to those who can actually deliver the results.

Remember that marketing, branding and communication efforts cannot become a success overnight. Anyone who tells you that they can do that for you is lying. Especially when it comes to Twitter.

Below is a powerpoint presentation from The 140- Twitter Conference called: The Open Brand

Take a look at it, read it, internalize it but remember that if you are just starting out on twitter you are going to need help. Ask.


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