11 Jun

Yes folks, the tile of this post is ROTFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off)- as it should be.

Last night I went to “Comedy for Koby” and I spent the evening ROTFLMAO. Avi Liberman an American comic living in LA gathers together his friends and fellow comics and brings them to Israel to raise money for the Koby Mandell Foundation and help us remember what it is like to laugh until tears stream down our faces at a live comedy show.

Rabbi Seth Mandell (Koby’s father) opens up the show each year with a few corny jokes that for some reason has the whole audience in fits of laughter. He shares with the audience jokes that Koby used to love to tell. Children have this pure laughter and it is fitting to be sitting in an audience laughing until the tears streamed down our faces while at the same time raising money for an organization names after a little boy who loved to laugh.


And the tears from laughter flowed throughout the audience. My sides and mouth hurt from laughing so much.

David Crowe, A.J. Jamal
and Jeffrey Ross were mad funny and worth every single shackle, i mean shekel, spent.

****All of the programs that the Koby Mandell Foundation initiate work to bridge the isolation that bereaved children and adults are struck with after the loss of a loved on programs provide emotional, physical, and spiritual healing that create a network of support for families in grief.

In this way, the Mandells respond to pain and suffering with a Jewish response — to build, to grow, to make meaning out of suffering, to choose life and to help others in this mission.


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