Stunning – an off broadway play

5 Jul

I came across a review for “Stunning” on Joanna Wilson’s blog called Gotham Gal .

The show is centered around a 16 year old Jewish Syrian woman from Brooklyn who gets married to a middle aged man. The story revolves around her growing up, trying to find herself but within the confines of her marriage.


This story hits home for me. I am not sure if I have ever publicly mentioned here on the blog that I was engaged at age 21 to a Syrian from Brooklyn. Thankfully for the both of us the engagement didnt last and we moved on. It feels like a lifetime ago (eight years is a long time) and I am so thankful I ended up where I was suppose to be – living out my dreams here in Israel.

I am not going to discuss on here or offline what happened (as it is too personal) but I really wish I was in NYC to catch “Stunning”. Maybe it is a good thing I cannot see it as I presume it would bring back a flood of emotions from that period of my life.

Go see the show ..


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