Part Deux of Taba

16 Jul

Its been over a week since me and Channah returned from the Hilton Taba and all I want to do is return to paradise.

But sadly life gets in the way of the non uber rich and heaven here on earth.

So back to our trip..

Day Two –

We woke up at around 8sh and said today we are not going to make the same mistake we made (inadvertently) yesterday. We are going to head to the pool, put our towels and some personal items on our chairs so that when we make it out to the pool we have chairs.

Now if you didnt know this already- it is normal for people to place their hotel (aka identical) towels on beach or pool chairs and walk away for a couple of hours and return expecting their towels to still be there. Umm in what world can you walk away for two SOLID hours and expect your hotel towel to still be there? I got yelled at on the first day when later in the afternoon I removed towels from some vacant chairs and after two hours of using the chairs the previous guests using the chairs returned and told me to get off “their chairs”. excuse me?!

so this time around we were not going to be “friers” and found empty chairs under the sun to reserve and off to breakfast we went.

After breakfast I had a meeting with Martin, the GM of the Hilton Taba. It was a chance to get a better idea of the hotel and the staff. I have to say it was quite interesting to hear information that normally one would not hear. For example – they have a staff of 415 but at max capacity 400 guests. That means that there will always be more staff then guests. And did you know that the staff all have degrees in hospitality management? No wonder they are so welcoming and accommodating – they had proper training.

The Hilton Taba is also eco friendly. Every piece of trash is recycled or sold -metal scraps to Bedouins, leftover and garbage food is fed to the animals in the region, dirty water is recycled to water the lawn, the pool is filled with seawater. Each room has a slot that activates the electricity and you remove the card, the electricity is automatically turned off. Makes me feel better about going on vacation when I know that the location of choice is being responsible to the environment.

Anyway the meeting was fascinating (will write another post on that) and I headed upstairs to change back into my bathing suit and go worship the sun gods.

We literally spent the entire day at the pool. I spent almost the entire time in the pool. It was too freakin hot to sit outside and as a former lifeguard – I believe that you tan better in the pool and not out of it (water reflects sun, etc). I spent hours just floating in the pool and it made me all nostalgic for the good old days when I spent my summers lifeguarding. I really miss being in and around a pool. Maybe next summer I’ll lifeguard again – who knows?

Anywhoo… at 5pm Channah and I had booked massages. I booked a swedish massage (I have never had one) and Channah booked the Cleopatra massage. Needless to say they were amazing and parts of our massage experiences were unexpected but quite enjoyable. Especially when I exited the massage room and realize that it had been over two hours. I was told it was only an hour long massage.

We both exited feeling like wet noodles but we needed to eat food before heading to bed. We returned to the room, showered and changed and headed downstairs like zombies. After dinner I wanted one last hurrah and to check out the casino. I have never been in a casino and only once a long long time ago experienced a gambling boat (where I hung out in the disco room). In order to enter the casino you need to present your passport and I had to beg Chans to come upstairs and retrieve the passports and come back down. All she wanted to do was to go to sleep. Lucky for me she didnt really have the energy to argue with me and I got my way 😉

We walked around the casino fascinated by the activity and its audience. Most of the folks there were Israeli’s who crossed the border just to gamble. This was the first place within the hotel that spoke Hebrew. It was kinda surreal. We watched folks lose (a lot) and win (not as much) money on the baccarat table. I wanted to gamble a bit but minimum bets were $10 and I wasnt spending more than $10 on gambling on the both of us so we headed downstairs and after watching a bit of Texas Hold’em (i still dont get it) I cashed in my $10 and we went to the slot machines.

Yeah we lost all the money (I did win a few coins but kept playing them). It was fun – I gambled and lost (and think its pointless) and we went to bed for our last night in Taba. sob.


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