Come find out why I hardly blog and mostly tweet.. JBloggers Convention

25 Aug

Last year I attending the First Annual JBloggers Convention hosted by Nefesh B’Nevesh and WebAds. I left the conference with the feeling of incompleteness. I felt there was so much potential but… but we all need to remember it was the first conference of its kind by the organizers and after seeing the agenda to this years conference I doubt it will leave me feeling incomplete again. I am glad to see some of my suggestions for this year’s conference noted and incorporated into the event.

This year the agenda looks great with a variety of panelists, sessions and a wide range of diversity. They even included (a microblogging service) into the agenda and guess what – I am leading the Twitter sessions. I am doing my happy dance- i finally get to “talk twitter” and hope to open up your minds and fingers to the wild wild world of twitter.

and all of you who read my blog know that my heart now belongs to Twitter but I still have a *little* bit of love left for blogging.

Take a look at the agenda… see which sessions fit your needs… and if you want to hear me talk about how Twitter is NOT freakin Facebook status updates then sign up HERE

I will be tweeting throughout the conference except while speaking – cuz that is just too difficult to do.

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