Second Fall in Tel Aviv

2 Dec

Last summer I moved from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv after four years in the Holy city. After my second so called “fall” in Tel Aviv I felt the need to write a blog post on the weather.

yes the weather.

I grew up in New York – where we had seasons. Seasons brought about different weather patterns which in essence meant that I had a wardrobe for Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer.

Not anymore.

I have been missing the seasonal changes I grew up with. I always thought the hot weather was an extra perk of living in the Middle East. But I miss wearing my fall clothing and especially my winter clothing.

I miss seeing the leaves change. I miss wearing my winter coat, hat and gloves.

I miss seeing snow on the ground.

I am bored by the lack of seasons here. Really and truly bored.

And I miss Christmas lights and decorations. The twinkling lights in every store window and in homes.

I do not however miss Christmas music.

This past week I passed by a store on Allenby that had a decorated Christmas tree in the window with snowflakes plastered to the glass and my heart raced. I felt like a kid again seeing the tree in the window.


I always feel nostalgic for New York around Christmas season. My first Chanukah in Israel I totally forgot about the holiday since there was no Christmas decorations donning the stores.

The temperature in Tel Aviv hovers around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and I cannot believe December has arrived.

Where did fall go? Is it really Chanukah in a few weeks?

but mostly – when am i going to get a chance to wear my gorgeous winter coat?

(Flickr Image Courtesy of Richietown )


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