My love Affair with Israel

9 Mar

Every morning on my way to work I balance in one hand my cawffee and the other my mobile phone and scroll through the twitter and blog world. This is my morning ritual, a way to wake up and catch up on whats been going on while I was in La La land (sleeping).

Often at times I am on the bus and I cannot read a link posted by a twitter friend and so I favorite the tweet and open it up when I get into the office.

This morning I came across a tweet by Benji Lovitt (of What War Zone fame) “A must-read from Jpost news editor Amir Mizroch about his “relationship” with Israel after 10 years”

I just read Amir’s post and felt a kingship with him. I have only been in Israel for 5 1/2 years (less than half the time he has been here) but his post rings true to me.

Here is an excerpt from Amir”s post (and I encourage you to click through the link to read the entire post)

“And you know what, my feelings for you are also confused right now. Let’s be honest, this hasn’t been easy for either of us. I’ve felt you slipping away at times. And I’ve often wanted to leave you. In fact, my dear, I have at times left you, but just briefly, for fleeting moments of lightness [you can be so heavy sometimes]. I’ve seen others over the past ten years”

Continue reading Amir’s “My 10 year anniversary in Israel” post on his blog.


One Response to “My love Affair with Israel”

  1. Tsadi Shvo March 22, 2010 at 9:33 am #

    AS goes the song “Ein Li Eretz Acheret”… we do not have another country. Sometimes I envy friends with the dual citizenship, who can have those “fleet moments”. God knows how many times I have actually considered to leave the country. But then, where else could you fill Friday afternoon atmosphere as in Israel?
    62 years ago people came with a vision and established the Jewish state. True, it is not exactly what they had in mind, but it is live and kicking. I think that it is the” Olim Chadashim” who give us the strength and the fuel to move on. I mean to see a ELAl Boeing full with eager families landing in Ben-Goryon airport, willing to leave the life they had behind, and come to struggle, to prosper in our small country.

    Olim= Zionism fuel

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