Yom Hazikaron – the day to remember our fallen soldiers

19 Apr

In this country most people know someone who died while fighting to protect this country.

I am not yet a full Sabra (israeli) – I, thank G-d, have not lost a loved one protecting this country I call my home.

But for the past 3 years on Yom Hazikaron I remember Michael Levine, an American immigrant who enlisted in the IDF and died during the Second Lebanon War,and he is the reason why I have tears streaming down my face. He is my hero. He is my fallen soldier.

Michael embodied all that I stood for and still stand for. To fight for what is ours and to protect this country even if it costs us our lives. To chose to come to our homeland and leave the “easy life” behind.

I  wrote a blog post after attending the memorial service at the cemetery on the first anniversary of Michael’s death. Read a little bit more about the man I cry for on our memorial day


One Response to “Yom Hazikaron – the day to remember our fallen soldiers”

  1. Avram April 19, 2010 at 6:56 am #

    May his memory be blessed.

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