Racisim and Discrimination Amongst Ourselves

2 May

I came across a the recent Gideon Levy article and felt the need to repost an excerpt from the article here.  I have so many thoughts and feelings about this subject that I do not know where to begin and so sharing this expert is where I thought I would start.

“Equality reigns? In looking at employment conditions, the situation is even worse. If in 1975 Sephardim earned on average 79 percent of the Ashkenazi wage, in 1992 that figure was down to 68 percent. According to studies that have not been updated, closing the educational gap between the two communities will take another 75 years. Prisons are full of Sephardim, while universities, where only about 7 percent of faculty are Sephardi, are much less so. But why do we need statistics? Let’s ask ourselves honestly how many of the people who appear on television every day are Sephardi, and how many of the people who shape our fate are.”

Click on the quote to read the full article. It is an important read.


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