Ay Caramba

3 Jul

When you move abroad there are the known food items you are going to miss. Like Carvel soft vanilla in a chocolate bonnet. Or Dunkin Donut cawfeee. There are the items you didnt realize you would miss but do. tremendously.

One of those things is Mexican food. I have missed the Mexican food. When my mind reminscents of the  yummy Mexican delights I am brought back to my memories of Anna’s Taqueria’s burrito’s in Boston (where I studied).

Last week I went over to a friend’s house where she made amazing burritos. Amazing yet not the same.  And I missed it more.

So today at a friend’s pool overlooking the Tel Aviv beach, we started talking about food and my friend told me about this Mexican restaurant in Florentine. I made a note of it in my head to find out more. Then later as I was about to rest for a bit  I couldnt stop thinking of burritos, quesadillas and more so I sent her a text:

“ps I cannot stop thinking about mexican food”

and the plans for the evening were hatched. 8pm we would meet and take the bus to Florentine with another friend and we would find out if Tel Aviv had “real” mexican food or not.

We walked into this little bar and I couldnt figure out where the kitchen was but when I saw the waitress bring plates of food out of the back, I started getting excited. We mulled over the menu for a bit -I was trying to make the best choice possible after such a long burrito drought.  In the end  I ordered a cheese quesadilla and kept praying that I wouldnt be disappointed.

And boy, it was finger licking good. I mean, I  practically licked the plate clean.

And so, if you are also looking for great Mexican food in Tel Aviv – run, dont walk to Mezcal in Florentine (Vital 2, Tel Aviv). They are not open for lunch.

I will back.


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