Brothers Don’t Travel: Short Stories of Israel

5 Aug

I recently heard about the book  Brothers Don’t Travel :  Short Stories of Israel by its author Ken Ngwa.

I wish our country could be a safe haven for  all oppressed people and not just for Jews. Unfortunately at this point in history, our country is not  willing or capable of it.

I do hope that as we progress as a country and nationality, we evolve and embrace our forefather Abraham’s main trait- welcoming guests with open arms into our homes.
About the book:

Interesting, surprising, and often times funny, “Brother’s Don’t Travel” paints Israel as a quirky country still on the verge of realizing its place in the world. African refugees, ultra-Orthodox Jews, hash-smoking tourists; a clash of cultures, each story shedding new light on the people who inhabit this tumultuous region.

This is the first book to describe the contemporary world of Israel from a secular African-American standpoint.

The reader is transported from the isolated alleyways of Tel Aviv to the speckled corridors of Jerusalem .

Stories of Illegal immigrants intertwine with socialite escapades.

Read it.


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