When History Speaks … and you can hear it

6 Oct

The NYTimes published an article called “When History Speaks” and the writer delves into his families history in Israel and the part they took in establishing the country. As he put it“…the founders lived just a generation ago. It’s as if the children and grandchildren of Washington, Jefferson and Adams were around to give interviews and point out historical sights.”

This line resonated strongly with me. I walk the streets in Israel and pay attention to the elder generation. What part did they play? How did they feel as they watched Israel take its first steps as a country? I like to guess if they were part of the Hagana, Palmach etc.

I have so many questions to ask – and I can ask them.  I can ask the generation of founders “what is your story”.

How many people in the world can ask the generation of the founders of a country “what was it like to build a new country” ? Not many.


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