May Her Memory Be Blessed

29 Oct

For the past few years I have been following a fellow Israeli /American blogger writing about her struggles with cancer.

Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet.

Today Rivka A from Coffee and Chemo passed away.

My heart hurts.

You see, I met Rivka a handful of times at blogging events and every time I saw her she had a smile on her face and this ethereal light shining around her. You could not tell how ill she was.

I followed her daily life on her blog which she focused more on her family than on her illness. Her perspective on life and her illness was one I admired. She had this inner strength that showed up in every post.  My impression from reading her blog and talking to her was that her family was the number one priority in her life, cancer or no cancer and that was her focus. That gave her the strength to fight until the end.

Rivka’s blog touched my heart deeply and I always felt a special connection to her. I admired her focus, dedication to her family and her deep desire to incorporate her cancer into her daily life and not the other way around.

I will miss seeing her smiling face at future blogging events but more importantly, I will miss her daily posts of strength, courage, love and Yirat shamayim.

May Rivka’s family be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion in Jerusalem.


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