Finding Myself

5 Mar

The best thing I have ever done in my life was move abroad and start a new life away from the comforts of my childhood. As my good friend said to me earlier today – “You have grown by leaps and bounds since you graduated high school, right? “

I have.

You see,  I was an extreme underachiever and a terrible student. Yes I could get great grades when inspired, but most of the time I was under-inspired and couldn’t be bothered. My childhood was mostly spent in school. I went to an orthodox jewish school – half the day was spent on regular subjects like math, science, history and english and the other half was spent studying religion, bible, jewish history, etc.  By the time I got to high school, I was in classes from 8:30am- 5:15pm.

Well I graduated high school with an incredibly low self confidence and had zero aspiration to continue studying. I spent the summer post graduation debating what to do and in the end I decided to go back to school.

The world overwhelmed me and I lacked the self confidence to jump in feet first. You see, I had been a failure and I had no idea how success felt.

And I was still unmotivated. I got great grades in the classes I loved and barely passed the classes that were mandatory and out of my comfort zone.  I studied a subject that I was passionate about but…

But I think that had I stayed in NY I would have ended up in some menial job. Staying an underachiever and never figuring out my passion and motivation to move forward.

Moving across the world gave me the kick in the a** I needed. I was so far removed from what I knew that the only thing left to do was start from scratch and figure it out. I couldn’t compare it to what I knew because I knew almost next to nothing.

And oh my lord – if I only knew then what I knew now …………..

I am lucky – I put myself in a situation that I could either sink or swim and I chose to swim.

Life without risks or challenges is not the life for me. Because every risk, every challenge teaches me something new about myself.

And you know what? I love learning new things about myself.



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