Out of the Four Sons, I am the Wicked One

26 Apr

I came across an article in the Heeb Magazine titled “The Wicked Child”  by Amy Klein and felt the need to share it.

You see, in my family I am the “Wicked Child”. I am not the “Wise” one, nor am I the “Simple” one or even the one that “Doesn’t Know how to Ask”.

I am the one that understands the rules and has walked away from some most of them.

Amy, the author of the article writes:  I explain that the Wicked Child asks them all about the “worship” they do, not the “faith” they have. “The Wicked Child doesn’t have a problem with their belief system, with their believing in God. He just has a problem with how they go about it…..” 

Go read the article in full.


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