23 May

Lots have been going on with me in the past week- most of which I am not yet ready to talk about.

Life throws you for loops at times – you think you have everything under control, life is as exactly as you wanted it to be and then BOOM, it changes in the blink of an eye.

I am so fortunate to be going through what I am going through with an incredible support system of friends and family and generous co-coworkers.

It is hard- I am an incredibly independent person. I like doing things on my own, creating my own beaten path. Times like these are important reminders that no matter how independent you are, there are times you have to depend on others and just accept it.

But it is hard – hard to know that what your going through is having an effect on those that you love. It is one thing for my  life to change, but it is hard to accept that now life is changing for my family and friends as well and it is beyond my control.

and this is the part i find most difficult to deal with.


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